Board of Directors

Bo Bricklemyer

Board President

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Koshalla Flockoi

Board Member, Teacher

Koshalla Flockoi grew up on Orcas Island, in the Pacific Northwest, in an artistically supportive community. As a little girl Koshalla had the great fortune to attend a Waldorf school, and this experience created lasting impressions. She remembers how the light filtered through the cedar boughs and the way the shadows danced and fluttered on the table. She remembers the feeling of the rectangular crayons, solid and thick, helping her find the counting gnomes still hidden on sheets of rough white paper. She even remembers the taste of the hard beeswax and how terribly long it seemed to take in her small hands to soften. At Dolphin Bay Waldorf School, Koshalla learned to love gardening, baking, knitting, reading, writing, and established a deep relationship with music.

After graduating from high school, Koshalla chose to live and work on an organic farm, sharing chores, cooking, and the care of twins – all the aspects of community living. Working part time, Koshalla managed to save enough money to travel the world. Upon returning, Seattle became her new home and for the next few years, she studied acting, vocal jazz, music theory, and conducting, and fell in love with life as an artist.

Koshalla is a certified Waldorf educator and finished her training at the Sound Circle Center in Seattle. She learned all aspects of working in a Waldorf kindergarten during her three years at The Fremont Community School in Seattle. In those years, Koshalla worked as a teacher’s assistant, co-taught, led class on her own, managed administrative work, and ran the summer programs. Koshalla and her husband, Hans, surf the cold Northwest water and share a garden and chickens.

In Koshalla’s heart, to be a Waldorf teacher is to summon up all of the gifts and passions the Creator has so lovingly shared with her and integrate them in a whole and balanced way. She knows how it feels to be a child surrounded by the warm, serene strength of the Waldorf community and wholeheartedly is grateful for the opportunity to help create that environment at Sunfield Waldorf School.

Dana Yeakel

Board Member

DanaDana Yeakel was born on Maui, Hawaii, where she spent the first few years of her life playing outdoors and eating poi. With a brief stopover in Ballard, her family moved to Bainbridge Island where she spent the rest of her school years. After attending Smith College in Massachusetts and a year in Paris, France, she returned to Seattle to pursue a career in finance. She worked at firms Goldman Sachs and UBS on the private wealth management teams.

After two kids, the confines of the city were apparent and the desire for a different routine pressed Dana and her family to move to her parent’s farm in Quilcene as an experiment. Luckily everyone loved it so they stayed. Sunfield Waldrof school was a big factor in their decision. Her daughter Maya is currently in the Swallow’s Nest kindergarten class and little Sebastien is eagerly awaiting next year when he can attend as well.

Dana and her husband, Nick, love to spend their free time in the woods foraging, playing on the water and when the snow falls, skiing up at Crystal Mountain.



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