Board of Directors

Monica Van Loon

Interim President

m_loonMonica Van Loon, or Señora Monica, was born in Mexico City, Mexico, where she received her bachelor’s degree in human resources. At the age of twenty-three, she moved to Cancun, Quintana Roo, where her family continues to reside. Monica is married to Brian, and she is the mother of two boys, who attend Sunfield Waldorf School. Monica loves living in Port Ludlow, Washington, where her family can enjoy the outdoors: biking, hiking, swimming, and jumping in puddles. Senora Monica has been teaching Spanish since 2005. She began by tutoring neighborhood children, joining the Sunfield faculty in 2006. From 2006-2008, she also taught at Foreign Language For Youth (FLY), a before- and after-school program which teaches Spanish in the public schools in Kitsap County; and from 2009-2011, She taught Spanish, Mexican Arts and Crafts, and Mexican Cooking classes at Olympic Peninsula Home Connection (OPHC), a home-school enrichment program. She is currently working toward a Masters in Education Arts at Seattle Pacific University. Monica teaches because she loves the contact with the students and she wants to transmit her passion for her culture to others. Children’s joy is a great gift, and, as a teacher, she feels very fortunate to be able to guide their experiences and to be a part of their lives. Children not only learn to speak Spanish in her classes, but they also have the opportunity to experience another culture through her movements, beliefs and experiences. She believes the world needs citizens who are honest and moral, who care about their health, who love nature, who not only respect differences, but also tolerate and celebrate them. She believes that we should approach the education of our children in a holistic way, including music, the arts, food, and fun.


Dana Yeakel


DanaDana Yeakel was born on Maui, Hawaii, where she spent the first few years of her life playing outdoors and eating poi. With a brief stopover in Ballard, her family moved to Bainbridge Island where she spent the rest of her school years. After attending Smith College in Massachusetts and a year in Paris, France, she returned to Seattle to pursue a career in finance. She worked at firms Goldman Sachs and UBS on the private wealth management teams.

After two kids, the confines of the city were apparent and the desire for a different routine pressed Dana and her family to move to her parent’s farm in Quilcene as an experiment. Luckily everyone loved it so they stayed. Sunfield Waldrof school was a big factor in their decision. Her daughter Maya is currently in the Swallow’s Nest kindergarten class and little Sebastien is eagerly awaiting next year when he can attend as well.

Dana and her husband, Nick, love to spend their free time in the woods foraging, playing on the water and when the snow falls, skiing up at Crystal Mountain.

Beth Ann O’Dell



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