Board of Directors

Symbolyn Sebastian

I grew up on a small 5 acre farm in Black Diamond, WA.  I’m the oldest of 5 children.  We moved to Port Townsend in 1990 where I went to school for 10th-12th grade . After graduating from PTHS, I continued my education into Massage and Physical Therapy.  I currently work at Discovery Physical Therapy, teaching exercise classes to Cancer survivors.  I am 41 years mature, the mother of 2 children ages 2.5 and 5.5 who attend Sunfield, and I am married to the AMAZING Eric Jacobsen aka (baker Eric).  I am super excited to become more involved on Sunfield’s Board of Directors by protecting the mission, helping with fundraising efforts and working to ensure the financial health for years  to come.



Coco Dupont-Huin

Vice President

My  involvement in Education as an Artist began in my home town of Paris 30 years ago. Waldorf curriculum was always integrated to our daily life by the profound Goeth color theories  I studied in Paris , and Goeth brought me to the studies of Rudolf Steiner and his creation of  Waldorf education. My journey as a mother continues to this day with the education of our youngest daughter who graduated from Sunfield last year. I feel privileged to serve Sunfield Farm and Waldorf School as a board member in my conviction to offer amazing education for the future of every child .

Abra Derbis

Treasurer; Sunfield Interim Administrator

Abra grew up in northern Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior. She spent her childhood days being immersed in the natural world. She studied communications at the University of Minnesota-Duluth which eventually led to her desire to see the world and gain a deeper sense of humanity. Through these travels she settled in Southeast Alaska where she embarked on a career in business management with Avis Rent-A-Car. She grew the business to become the most successful enterprise in the state through innovative marketing, customer service and financial management. While in Alaska, she met her husband and started a family. As the family grew, Abra became interested in local politics and supporting the school system. She helped start the Skagway Preschool Committee. Through grassroots fundraising and working closely with the local school board, the committee was able to reinstate a much needed preschool program. After nearly a decade with Avis and living in a vibrant Alaska community, Abra decided to redirect her life. She left Avis in order to spend time with her children and the family made the move to the Olympic Peninsula 5 years ago. Abra has four children enrolled at Sunfield. She is committed to the work of the organization and deepening her relationship with Anthroposophy. Abra and her family love to be together as much as possible and enjoy surfing, camping, hiking and skiing together. She is overjoyed to be a part of the Sunfield community in multiple ways. 



Stephanie Drexel

Stephanie Drexel and her family recently moved to Port Townsend from their mountain home outside Leavenworth, WA. She and her family enjoy being outdoors, hiking, skiing, river trips, and now spending time in the salt water.

Stephanie attended a Waldorf school K-8th, and has a deep appreciation for Waldorf education. As a young adult she lived abroad on an Anthroposophical community supporting people with disabilities through biodynamic farming. She later became involved with the Olympia Waldorf School as a classroom assistant and remedial aid.

Stephanie holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and has worked in numerous capacities with children and adults of varying abilities and learning styles. Knowing the immeasurable therapeutic and educational benefits of a land based program, and recognizing the intimate connection students and faculty here have to the land, she felt an immediate kinship upon finding Sunfield. She believes in the school’s vision and approach to education and is committed to helping the school succeed.

Stephanie has a strong interest in community collaboration and outreach, and as a board member, hopes to be accessible to parents and the larger community.

Helen Curry

DSC0301Board Member; Founding Member; Class 5/6 Teacher

 Helen Curry began her teaching career over thirty years ago in a fishing village in South Africa. Since then she has been involved in a wide spectrum of teaching experiences – from sail-training on schooners to teaching English as a second language in Venezuela. She is a certified Early Childhood Educator, holds a post-graduate degree from the University of Cape Town, and received her Drama Teacher’s diploma from Trinity College, London. She has been a Waldorf teacher for the past twenty years, running Tomten Farm Kindergarten and the Children’s Circle, her home-based Waldorf-inspired programs, and graduating two groups of students from part-time academic grade-school programs. In 2013 she graduated Sunfield’s first class of Eight and Ninth graders. Helen and her husband, Bill, have two daughters: Zorina, is a registered nurse, and Rosaletta, who is graduating from Ithaca College to pursue a career in theatre.  Both girls grew up on the family’s small farm—riding horses, milking goats, tending to farm chores, and attending Helen’s home-based programs during their grade school years. When she is not mucking out the barn, Helen enjoys singing, music, and dance; she studied eurythmy for many years, which, she feels, embraces and elevates all the arts she loves. She is a member of the “poetic justice theatre ensemble” that serves the community by using Playback Theatre and having voices be heard through the Theatre of the Oppressed. Helen finds balance and renewal by hiking in the mountains in the summer, cross-country skiing in the winter, and walking on the beach in the evening.