Volunteer Projects

To find out more about how you can help with volunteer projects, contact our front office! Please call 360-385-3658 or email info@sunfieldfarm.org



Thank you to all twenty-nine Sunfield parents, students, and family members, who participated in the 2010 Plant-A-Thon at Tarboo Creek on February 6. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we all enjoyed the delicious lunch served by Kristin Berg and the satisfaction of planting all the trees that were on hand. The planting of native trees and shrubs helps to restore salmon and wildlife habitat and protect Tarboo-Dabob Bay. We also extend our gratitude to Jude Rubin, stewardship director for the Northwest Watershed Institute of Port Townsend, who organizes the annual volunteer project.

The sixth annual Plant-A-Thon, held over two consecutive weekends, was a combination fundraiser and community service project for five schools, including Quilcene Primary, Chimacum Pi Program, Port Townsend’s Jefferson Community School and Swan School, and Sunfield Waldorf School. With 250 participants, it was the largest volunteer planting ever in East Jefferson County, and the schools raised more than $18,500 toward their collective goal of $20,000 through the sale of corresponding Tree Cards.

Sunfield Tree Planting

On Saturday, January 9, volunteers installed ninety native trees on the border between Rhody Drive and Sunfield. The project helped us to officially complete the requirements for our County Occupancy Permit.

We had a great day, with fifteen Sunfield volunteers and six children hosting five teenagers from the Jefferson County Juvenile Services Department. The teens fulfill their community service hours once a month at Sunfield; together we worked ninety hours. We used our own biodynamic compost to inoculate the soil, and local wood chips were used to keep down weeds and prevent moisture loss. The next step will be the installation of a simple irrigation system. Donations to this project included trees and snacks from a Sunfield family, heavy equipment from Jess Norton, and tools and plant protectors from Northwest Watershed Institute.

Thank you to the following volunteers for helping us get this job done!

Jess Norton, Jude Rubin, Mike Garling, Jill Alban and Aaron Vallat, Eric and Karli Elliott, Amy Leitman, Jake and Carol Meyer, Ciela Meyer, Dan Greenman, Beth Ann O’Dell, Molly Stebbins, Elizabeth Bissonnette, Monica Van Loon, Jan Gelderloos, and Jefferson Juvenile Services leader Kurt Munich with crew Izzy, Nick, Cheyenne, Stephen, and Jacob.