Community Education

The fields, forest, and wetlands of Sunfield’s eighty-one acres serve as an invaluable community resource for Jefferson County and the surrounding area. Our community education programs provide opportunities for children, teens, and adults to come to the farm for experiences ranging from creative play in nature to education in sustainable land stewardship.

DSC05128Children who join us for a summer day camp will delight in the abundance of our farm during the height of its growing season while spending time engaged in farm and nature activities or learning practical and artistic skills. School groups of all ages are welcomed to join us for a day of farm-based environmental education during the academic school year. Adults age eighteen and older can apply to participate in our eight-month farm apprenticeship program and spend an entire growing season working and learning on Sunfield Farm. For more information on this program, see Farm Apprenticeship Program.

Our community education instructors are committed to bringing their creativity, passion, and love of teaching and discovery to all.