Sunfield Shepherds 4-H Club


Sunfield Shepherds 4H offers a unique opportunity for children, nine years of age and up, to work with the Nubian goats and Cotswold sheep of Sunfield Farm, and enter them in the Jefferson County Fair. Participants learn about the responsibilities of animal husbandry, tend to the animals’ needs, milk the goats, create products from the milk or fibre, and learn how to handle sheep and goats in a show ring. By working closely together, Sunfield Shepherds develop a supportive, non- competitive group ethic of responsibility and care.

The children begin each morning participating in the daily farm chores: goats are milked and stalls are cleaned. The sheep and the goats are handled and trained so that they become accustomed to being led in the show ring. Each day there is a period for learning animal husbandry, and knowledge of goats and sheep. We may make products from the goat milk or use the wool for projects. Posters are made to hang in the fairgrounds, and the children work on making a short presentation about some aspect of the animal that is of particular interest to them.DSC05169 2Participation in the Jefferson County Fair requires family support. In order to prepare the fairgrounds, 4-H families must volunteer six hours of work during the week before Fair (this can be cumulative, e.g. three hours per parent and child). During the Fair, parental supervision and participation is also needed. As 4-H members, the children have free entry to the fair and are able to earn premium money for their exhibits.

Instructor: Helen Curry

Dates and Times:

2017 dates and times TBD

Cost: $350

For more information please contact Sunfield.