Employment Opportunities

Position: School Coordinator, 0.5 to 1.0 FTE

Reports to: Board of Directors and Leadership Team

 Summary: The School Coordinator works in close collaboration with the faculty to support the pedagogical vision and curriculum of Sunfield Waldorf School. The School Coordinator provides strategic leadership, operational accountability and business oversight for all school functions and activities, providing general supervision of all administrative tasks and personnel functions (including paid school staff and volunteers) and maintains relationships with school families and supporters. The School Coordinator works in close collaboration with the Farmer/Educator, keeping the farm and school educationally and strategically linked according to Sunfield’s mission and vision.


School Management:

  • Advance the mission and vision of the school and promote Sunfield programs in a positive manner through written and spoken communication.


Effectively with the Finance Coordinator to ensure that all school student contracts are prepared, distributed, and signed in a timely manner. Specifically, all returning families must receive contracts by June 15, at the latest. Develop and implement the financial incentives and protocols necessary to ensure that all returning families have signed their contracts by August 1, and have submitted payment for their first month’s tuition.

  • Create an annual enrollment timeline and calendar
  • Set and implement school enrollment events, in collaboration with the Faculty
  • Create and distribute up-to-date enrollment and re-enrollment packets
  • School financial records are reviewed and updated with the Finance Coordinator on a regular basis
  • Information for the annual school budget process is developed with the Faculty, Development Coordinator and the Finance Coordinator
  • Manage and oversee ATP (adjusted tuition program)
  • Coordinate with Faculty and Staff to ensure that:
    • Annual contracts for faculty and staff are signed by August 1
    • Faculty and Staff openings are promptly filled
    • Fair and appropriate annual Faculty performance reviews are completed on schedule
    • The school grounds are kept in a clean and safe condition
    • Create, interpret and explain school policies, procedures and programs consistently, and communicate these policies to families via the school handbook and through personal conversations
    • Regularly attends open portions of Faculty meetings
  • Coordinate with the Administrative Assistant to ensure that:
    • All school data, including applications, permission and health forms are kept in student files
    • All student files are complete
    • All non-confidential school documents are available to relevant Sunfield staff/faculty

External Coordination:

    • Is responsible to make sure the school meets licensing requirements for state approval process, emergency protocols, and for fire and health codes
    • Represent the school in community, and professional meetings and to government agencies, in a positive light, and as needed
    • Serve as Sunfield’s representative to regional and national Waldorf groups and proactively move Sunfield Waldorf School toward full ASWNA accreditation
  • Communicate clearly and consistently with parents about all school events and school management issues
  • Maintain professional relationships with all enrolled families
  • Provide information for the Sunfield Organizational Calendar and Bulletins for distribution to staff, board, parents, and volunteers in coordination with the Leadership Team and the Administrative Assistant
  • Maintain positive relationships within the broader school community (public, independent)
  • Develop and nurture community partnerships and collaborative relationships to promote the school and its programs
  • Coordinate and implement the school marketing plan in collaboration with the Development Director
  • Attend the relevant portion of all Board of Director meetings and provide monthly written reports to the Board on school progress needs and issues
  • Bring all new initiatives and major proposed changes to the Board prior to implementation
  • Participate with Board of Directors in strategic planning and long term site planning
  • Participate, as needed, in the school site development function predicting the needs for expansions and communicating them to the Leadership Team and Board well in advance of new needs

Organizational Leadership with Board of Directors:

 Committees: Staffs the Leadership Team and regularly attends Faculty and Board Meetings. Works with the Finance Committee and attends other committee meetings as needed.

 Office Culture

  • Ensure that the office is staffed during regular business hours: 8 AM to 4 PM (Monday – Thursday) and 8 AM to 2 PM on Friday
  • Submit requests for vacation, and coordinate coverage of normal duties with office staff. In the case of more than two weeks vacation, seek prior approval of scheduling by the Leadership Team. Since Sunfield is open in the summer, submit summer vacation requests at least one month in advance, with a plan (developed jointly by the other organizational Coordinators and Adminstrative Assistant) to continue school recruitment and contracting through the summer

Salary and Benefits:

  • Salary is dependent on experience. There are no benefits offered at this time other than tuition remission based on the existing policy in the employee manual.

Sunfield’s Mission:

The mission of Sunfield is to provide programs in education and sustainable land stewardship that engage the hands, awakens the mind, and nurture connections between the earth and its inhabitants.

If you are interested in this position, please send a cover letter, resume, and list of 3 references to either the PO Box or email address below. The selection committee will review your materials and contact you about a possible interview. Interviews will begin the second week of December 2014.

Sunfield Education Association

P.O. Box 85   Port Hadlock, WA 98339

(360) 385-3658 –   Info@sunfieldfarm.org       


Sunfield Education Association is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

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