Sun Run

 Sunfield Waldorf School’s Sixth Annual Jogathon – FAQs

What is the Sun Run?

The Sunfield Waldorf School Sun Run is a jogathon, designed to help more people, both locally and out of the region, learn about Sunfield; to strengthen our Sunfield
community; and to raise funds for a great school.  Children and interested adults get exercise, have fun together, and support Sunfield!

When is the Sun Run?

The event will be held on Friday, April 13th, from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  This is a timed event that will last exactly one hour.  It happens during the regular Sunfield school day so that all students can participate.

How does it work?

Participants, who include all students and any interested adults, can run, jog, walk, or even push strollers around the Sun Run course on Sunfield’s property the day of the event.  Participants solicit pledges and/or donations based on the number of quarter mile laps they will complete in one hour.  Pledges and donations can be made online, so family, coworkers and friends, anywhere – from Seattle to New York to Istanbul and all places in between – can support the Sunfield student of their choice.  Elementary students can generally finish between 15-25 laps; kindergarten students between 8-12 laps.  If you or your child can finish more in the hour, that’s great!

What happens on the day of the event?

Class starting places will be staggered around the track which is located in the center of the Sunfield School property between the main classroom buildings.  The Early Childhood will have their own slightly shorter track inside the larger circle. Classes will each wear a different colored t-shirt for easy identification and to encourage a celebratory spirit.  Participants will wear cards that will be marked by adult volunteers each time they pass their starting point to record the number of laps they complete.

What should participants wear?

Each student will receive a Sunfield Waldorf School Sun Run t-shirt to put on the morning of the event – and take home as their gift for participating.  Participants should wear a long sleeve shirt to school to keep on under the event t-shirt as well as comfortable shoes and pants or leggings appropriate for an hour of exercise.  (It’s a Sun Run, not a Bogg Jog)

Why is Sunfield promoting the Sun Run?

It’s fun! (& the children will each get a cool t-shirt!)

It helps introduce others in our community, and out of state, to Sunfield and our programs.  Many will visit our website.

It strengthens our school and farm community.

It raises money to support our students and teachers.

It encourages physical fitness and healthy living.

What are our goals for this year’s Sun Run?

To raise at least $15,000 for our school – an average of $150 in pledges/donations raised by each student.

To learn how much enthusiasm, and funds, we can raise from those outside our local community.

To have 100% participation from our students in support of their own school.

What’s the difference between a pledge and a donation?

People can give in whatever way they choose.  When we ask people if they’d like to help support our school’s Sun Run, some will choose to make a donation on the spot – giving us a tax-deductible donation, or lump sum, before we even run in the jogathon.  Other people will prefer to make a per lap pledge: “I’ll give you fifty cents (or a dollar or ten dollars) per lap you run.” For pledges, the value of the contribution varies with the number of laps run and so must be collected following the Sun Run.

How and when will my child or I collect donations or pledges?

Donations/pledges may be collected locally, from family, friends, and neighbors – but those who live outside of Washington can also easily participate and donate online – literally anyone, anywhere, can support this event. March 16th your family will receive a packet of Sun Run forms including a pledge/donation form; a pledge tracking form; a sample letter that can be used to solicit sponsors (by mail or email) from out-of-town relatives and friends; and an explanation for how sponsors can make their donations in the name of specific joggers online through our Sunfield website.  Pledges will be collected during a three week window before the event and turned in to Sunfield on or before April 25th,  following the event.

How do adults register?

Adult registration forms will be available at Sunfield before the event, at the event itself, and online so that parents and friends can register to run/jog/walk with the class of their choice. Family and friends are encouraged to attend and cheer on the runners.

Are there ways I can help between now and the second week of April when it all begins?

Yes! There are a number of ways you can help, so choose what is most interesting to you.

Strategize as a family and make a list of local and faraway friends, neighbors, or relatives who might like to sponsor your child (or you!) on his or her run.

Suggest possible event sponsors. These businesses will get their company name printed on the back of our Sun Run t-shirts for a donation of $100, their name and logo for a donation of $200, or their name and logo in larger print with prominent placement for a donation of $500 or more. There are other benefits that go along with being an event sponsor. For more information, please contact Lb Rust with ideas

Contact the Sunfield office at and share your ideas and energy with the Sun Run planning team.

Contribute beautiful flags or other decorations that can be added to those made by parents over the years to decorate the field and make the event more fun and meaningful.

Think about volunteering at your class table to hand out water bottles, cheer and mark lap cards the day of the event. We would like to have two parents from each class at the tables for the event.  Contact Sunfield, if interested.

Start running a little every day to get fit for April 13th.  Don’t forget to stretch!

What can I do today?

Get excited and talk with others, near and far, about our sixth annual Sunfield Waldorf School Sun Run on April 13th! Hooray for Sunfield! Hooray for exercise! Hooray for the Spring Sun that will surely shine on our Run!