Organic Farm

Sunfield Farm comprises eighty-one acres, primarily fields that are bisected by wetlands and flanked by a forested hillside. Five acres are planted with vegetables, fruit, and cover crops. The remaining fields are hayed and grazed rotationally by our cows, sheep, goats, and chickens.

cabbage-sunfield1 upsample

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur farmers use biodynamic farming techniques to tend the land and animals. During our growing season, interns come to the farm to gain invaluable life skills and work experience, preparing to become the future caretakers of sustainable farms. Our Waldorf school children experience firsthand the benefits of respectfully caring for the land as they work side by side with the farmers throughout the school year. Volunteers and our youth program participants also contribute to the cultivation of the land.

All who come to work on Sunfield Farm serve as stewards of the land, making a positive contribution to the community while gaining a deep understanding of the value of working in harmony with nature’s rhythms.

We invite you to become part of the farm. Volunteer on the farm, and join in our seasonal events to celebrate the beauty and bounty of nature.